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Sewah is an education HUB where we are catering “family education” all that is required to be called a Successful human being and family. There is a need of life education apart from academics to fulfil our dreams, live spiritually aligned, abundantly healthy, wealthy, blissful and loving.

Though we are technologically most advanced generation on the earth right now but, fundamentally our ancient ways of life is considered to be most scientific, healthy and spiritual for living. We are the team of exuberant people with experience in educating and developing individuals, families and businesses to give their best.
In last two decades we have evolved developing people from all the backgrounds and fields and we know, yesterday’s technology will not work for today’s mind hence, our way of educating people is so scientific and real life that each one of you could extract the real essence of life to live to the fullest expressions (fulfil your dreams, live spiritually aligned, abundantly healthy, wealthy, blissful and loving).

SEWAH education hub is led by most vibrant and extraordinary lady “Ashwini Dhuppe - Chairperson” with the team of experienced businessmen, businesswomen, philanthropist and passionate leaders from various fields.
We are having our spread over 25 towns and cities of Maharashtra. We have started our educational courses with Nashik, Dhule, Aurangabad, Nanded, Pune & Thane districts and all the towns under these districts. We are spreading our wings through the way of Franchises in complete Maharashtra, Gujrat & Hyderabad soon.

SEWAH Education HUB Pvt Ltd

Core Member

Mrs. Ashwini Dhuppe

Chairperson – Sewah Education HUB Pvt. Ltd.

Mentor and Life Coach

Ashwini Dhuppe is vibrant and extraordinary lady working towards human growth, empowering numerous individuals from all fields and causing breakthroughs since last 2 decades.

Ashwini’s prominent work is through education, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs, professionals, philanthropist and young generation. Ashwini has educated thousands of people in India & overseas through various courses and educational discourses she has led.

She is national and international multi award winner in the field of education, entrepreneurship and contribution in women’s life. Ashwini’s way of education is straight, real life and breakthrough causing. Her command on language is powerful, passion in dealing with people, one of the main aim Ashwini always carry is bringing the traditional ways of living and bonding in the families.

She has hands on experience in growing businesses, making profitable ventures and creating the successful future for every individual. A live example of making difference in people’s life.

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Educational Courses

Science And Success (SAS)

for 18 to 80 years

Science means - A systematically organized body of knowledge on a particular subject.

Success Means - The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

SAS is the doorway to achieve your dreams, fulfil your desires and become successful in a settle scientific ways. To put it in a simple way, we will take you through SAS program for 8 months and every day of these 8 months and life after this will be Powerful & Miraculous. There will be balance between success & happiness, work & family, passion & profession, health & wealth, spirituality & materialism, peace & profits. You will be able to learn and implement the scientific ways of life & business.

SAS is a systematic 8 months Program for everyone who wants to live the life you love living and do the business you desire of doing. We will make sure you learn the sciences of life and implement it fully. 10 power pack full day sessions, 32 review meetings, real life assignments, success toolkit, interactive lifetime mobile app, ongoing growth sessions, personalised coaching, platform for business presentation and attracting investors.

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for 16 to 23 years

Yuvapreneur is a 6 months Program for aspiring youngsters. This Program is designed specifically for giving clarity to young generations about their life and career.

We will also imbibe the Indian culture in them so that the connectivity with elders remain intact and they creating bonding with family in a Gurukul way.
Any youngster with any education stream can join this Program and get the clarity about achieving his/her dreams related to life and career. Only lack of clarity and confusion can keep the young generation away from what they can achieve but, Yuvapreneur Program will take every youngster personally to the life reality and give clarity about every aspect of life without diluting the purity of their thoughts.

Yuvapreneur will be a highway to every youngster in achieving their life goals as they will have young and experienced businessmen, coach, mentors guiding them throughout the Program. Also, at the end of this Program they will have the career opportunities with us, be it job, business, professionals etc.

There will be 10 full day sessions in 6 months, 32 review meetings, real life assignments, toolkits for businesses and life, interactive lifetime mobile app, ongoing growth sessions, personalised coaching, platform for business presentation and attracting investors. The sessions will be conducted in the college premises with the tie up of college and an open batch will be conducted at district level.

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for 9 to 14 years

In this 1 day Program where we Train, Inspire and Design the pathway to achieve their goals.

We teach these children who are in the age of adolescence (9 to 14 years) to overcome obstacles and make them self-responsible, self-discipline, socially aware and also, make them live powerfully in the current moment and keep the sense of future. We teach children how to have strong bonding with their source (Parents) and how to forgive and let go things which hamper their view towards life.

Children’s first financial lessons will be taught in this program which will impart the awareness in them and they start planning for their future.

Children will be in gratitude towards things they have and towards their life. Children will value the time and have better understanding towards their life which will result into more focus in what they do.
This will also result into planning their day which will in turn show the effect in their grades. The leaders who will be educating the children are passionate and loving towards making difference in children’s life.

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Parenting Program

For, to be parents and parents

"Children come through us and not from us. They are not our property to conduct whichever way we feel"

– Sadhguru

This Program will make you parents with more commitments towards your children than attachments. The attachment in you for your children will not help you create a better life than you but, commitment towards your children is 100% sure way of creating far better human life than you (us).

Creating a company/friendship with our children is more important than being parent. We never liked somebody ongoing telling us what to do and what not to do.
You will learn in 2 days how to be yourself in nurturing your children than, how to parent them. You will learn how to create more favourable atmosphere for your kids to grow. This will result into your children becoming more than what you are… it means, if you are joyful, they will be more joyful, if you are blissful, they will be more blissful, if you are loving, they will be more loving than you are and so on…

This learning of parenting will help you more connected as couple, creating partnership with each other so that the atmosphere in home is favourable for the entire family.
The techniques of this Program will help creating the oneness in family, joyfulness in the atmosphere and clarity in relation.

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for 18 to 70 years Ladies

Mompreneur I

Every female has mother and entrepreneur qualities in her by birth. In this one day Program we will explore the same and we will inspire everyone to take charge of their life and spread Spirituality, Love, Health, Wealth, Abundance in the family.

This Program will open up many avenues for each female and you will realise your potential as to how you can be living strongly and become the pillar of the family, friends and society.
You will realise that you are the backbone of family. Once you are reconnected to the potential of “who you really are” will makes the huge difference in your health, family, work, profession, working with team, effectiveness in communication, grooming kids and so on…

You will start appreciating, acknowledging and showing gratitude towards things which you already have. We also involve husbands of the married females in the Program for a special segment where we bring the alignment in the couple which last long.

The practical results of the Program can be seen while you are in the Program and after that as you start experiencing that being women is a privilege, taking care of family and multitasking is a gift which can be done joyfully, taking care of house work is not a burden, nurturing children and creating responsible citizens will be a proud feeling.
Whether you are married or not this course will bring huge possibilities for you!

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Mompreneur II

Everybody’s life began with Women. The basis of the family is Women. The first university of every child is Women. We being aware of these facts, created this 2 days residential Program for females.

In Mompreneur II we take every participant to the realisation of above facts and bring out the potential in each of them to create possibilities for self, children and family. This Program result into so many beautiful possibilities that, it becomes the breakthroughs for every women and family. After the Program, participants create miraculous results in life, the enthusiasm of producing results in family, business, job, profession increases to higher levels and love becomes the basis of living. You settle with your past and realise the real power of being woman, this way you start setting your goals, plan the team work whether it is home or office.

Very importantly each one of you become the partner with your better half in creating bright future. You become the supporting pillar in creating your partner’s career.
Once you discover yourself and your potential, we make you plan for your health, wellbeing, diet, spirituality, peace of mind and making kids strong.

Whether you are married or not this course will bring huge possibilities for you!

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Learn & Earn I by Trademagic

for 16 to 80 years

2 full days educational course which will teach you:

  • Share market and earning from share market
  • Commodity and earning from commodity market
  • In the easiest way that anyone can start trading and earning individually

Here you will be taught:

  • Technical analysis and studies
  • Our developed analysis & theories of the share and commodity markets
  • Financial awareness
  • Practical & live market practices
  • Stop loss and Target trainings
  • IPO information & buying techniques
  • Trader’s Psychology – Key to success

More Details - www.trademagic.co.in

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